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Cut Energetic Cords So You Can Move On

Recovering from a bad breakup?

Need help letting go of your ex?

Ready to put the relationship behind you and move forward to find the love you deserve?

Say goodbye to your past, once and for all.

Endings can be brutal. Even after we do all the things we’re supposed to do post break up or divorce we still feel their presence. We are often left with this unexplainable pull towards the person we’re trying to leave behind.

We’re left asking ourselves why it’s so difficult to move on after a break up.

Unresolved issues, lingering connections, unlearned lessons, resentment, silent hope to reconnect, and the desire for closure can wreak havoc on our hearts and keep us tied to the person we’re so desperately trying to forget.

Not to mention, being emotionally tied to someone can block a new partner from entering your life, and keep the love we deserve from coming in.

Here’s why it’s so hard for us to move on…..

The Oxytocin Bond:

The connection we have with romantic partners is much deeper than most of us realize. When we are in love our brain produces amazing hormones that provide feelings of euphoria and bliss. Oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin are responsible for these glorious feelings, which are created when times are good with our partners.

When we go through a break up, our body makes less of these good feeling hormones which often leaves us feeling sad, lonely, lost, and depressed. It’s important post break up that we do all we can to take care of ourselves and engage in activities that increase our happy hormones in order to feel good. Exercise, yoga, meditation, spending time with friends and family, comedy shows, re-engaging with our old hobbies, or even starting new ones are all excellent ways to focus on the good in our lives.

The Spiritual Side:

When we are in relationships our bonds go beyond mental, emotional, and physicals. We also bond spiritually and energetically. These connections are called etheric cords. Etheric cords can be created when it’s love at first sight, during deep conversations, during and after sex, laughing together, and anytime we are interacting and bonding.

These cords are similar to umbilical cords passing energy back and forth between lovers. When they are established two people can fall in love, finish each other's sentences, sense when the other person is about to call, dream about each other, feel like soulmates, and the list goes on.

If the energy is unhealthy between you and the person, you can feel physically and emotionally drained. Thoughts of the person can feel obsessive, infatuated, manipulative and fear based. It’s incredibly important to be aware that cords can stay intact long after a break up. You might have said goodbye but the energetic connection remains - sucking your energy and keeping you off the market.

Potential partners are spiritually blocked when serious attachments are already in place with someone else.and we can unknowingly bring our past relationships into our current relationship.

Thankfully, when the cords are cut, we can feel a sense of peace, relief, freedom and lightness!

How to cut the etheric cords to past lovers:

Here’s a powerful ritual that will break the bond between you and your exes, crushes, and lovers to allow you to take back your power and energy and clear the way for new love.

First, you will need a peaceful place, a candle, two pieces of paper, a bowl for burning, and sage.

You’ll begin by lighting the candle and say these words:

“This candle is a symbol of the pure light and love that resides within me. This light is a symbol of strength and protection.”

Next, write down on a piece of paper the name of the person who you are releasing then

close your eyes and say:

“Dear Universe and Spirit Guides, I call upon you and my highest self to cut any etheric cords that bond me to _____ (or lovers), heal any unhealthiness between us and let them go with loving kindness. Dear “_____" or Lovers, thank you for the love, lessons and time we spent together. I am now cutting the cords that bind us for our highest and best good. Your energy is yours and my energy is mine. We are no longer spiritually and emotionally connected. Spirit, please cut the cords and protect me from future attachments. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So it is.”

With the eyes closed, envision the cords being cut.

Now, safely burn the paper with the name(s.) When the ashes are cool you can release them into the air, bury them, or flush them down the toilet.

Finally, burn the sage to fully cleanse yourself and your space.

This ritual is best done on a new or full moon to aid in the powerful release. It can also be done when you’re feeling called to cut cords with old friends, colleagues, and even family members you’re no longer choosing to engage with.

With love and light,

Jessica Smith

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